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What happens when a car get inspected?

May 9, 2016

Getting a car inspection can be a little bit annoying, 

but the fact that there are almost 22 million cars on Texas roads can get a little bit scary without an annual inspection preformed by licensed inspectors. 


so what does an inspector really look for when preforming the annual state inspection?


it is easy as there is a list that provides what we look for: 

  1. Beam indicator

  2. Brake

  3. Parking brakes

  4. Cab lamps

  5. Clearance lamps

  6. Exhaust emission System

  7. Exhaust system

  8. Head lamp

  9. Horn

  10. License plate lamp

  11. Mirror" car must be occupied by at least 1 mirror "

  12. Reflectors

  13. Safety guards or flaps

  14. Seat belts

  15. Side marker lamps

  16. Steering

  17. Stop lamp

  18. Tail lamp tires

  19. Turn signal lamps

  20. Vehicle identification number VIN

  21. Wheel assembly

  22. Window tinting

  23. Windshield wipers 










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